love becoming.

your smile becoming my smile.
my lips, yours.
your voice turning into my voice or it sounding that way in my head.

our souls mate.
my soul. my friend. my mate.
soul mates. soul friends.
soul buddies.

intertwined spirits.

- nas. ♡


would you ever go vegan?

yes definitely, for self love means

African Luxury Design feat. Duro Olowu

slow summer

high noons and dusk skys over lush mountains and pastures.
brittle leaves rattling into the night.
the silent woowing of tree branches
stretched out,
yawning into ground.

ombre kisses dunked in sweet winds.

flying brown legs
dazzling, dangling.

And what did we do with it all?
All this summer sung into our skin as a dowry,
All this summmer given in abundance.

We didnt purse our lips and cross our legs like the other girls did.
We didnt lilt about in summer dresses in hues and shades,
We didnt whisper sweet things into the ears of boys with lust mapped out all the way across their broad shoulders.

we wrote.

(Source: nylamexico)

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